Calgary Lawn Service

At Calgary Lawn Service, our goal is to provide our commercial and residential customers with an affordable and dependable custom lawn maintenance service. We offer a wide selection of maintenance solutions for your lawn care needs.

Are you looking for discounts? Customers can check out our Services and Discountsections. We have a Premium Package Service for those who would like to add extra services to their weekly mowing, and also a season prepay option for those who would like to pay for the season in advance and receive excellent discounts.

The Service Terms section explains the guidelines and terms of service, as well as billing, and a general overview of what you can expect from Calgary Lawn Service.

Please read through the site and if you have any questions or comments feel free to send us an email or use the “Contact us” link on the webpage. Thank you for your interest in Calgary Lawn Service and have a good day.

Calgary Lawn Service

Phone: 403-975-0055